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A Revamped Picture Frame

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost all but one of the before pictures.

I had a hand painted and calligraphied piece of art given to me some time ago. It was in a thin wooden frame with black matting. It was a lovely picture but with time, the black mat faded and the picture separated from the backing so it was in bad shape.

It is not a standard piece so getting a frame professionally done was going to be quite a bit of money, even with  the coupons Micheal’s usually gives out. So I set out to refinish the frame and cutting a new may myself.

I decided to go with a red mat to pick up on the various colors and keep the frame simple by painting it a flat black. I’ve never matted a picture before so this was all new to me and quite a bit of fun.

The end result, while not perfect, looks great to me!

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April Birchbox – Missing!

In all the confusion that was the move and getting settled, I realized this weekend, I never got my Birchbox!

In looking at the shipping information, apparently it was undeliverable and is now back in Dallas. I have no clue why it would have been undeliverable but I’ve sent a note to Birchbox to see what we can do.

Hopefully I can get a box!

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Dove’s Ad Makeover

Dove has launched a viral campaign and video to squash negative advertising by replacing it with positive messages.

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Beautifying My World

When I first start tinkering with this blog, it was all about cosmetics. Comparing this sub service to that sub service and looks that I liked best on me.

This has had a very interesting affect on my life perspective. It’s no longer about just cosmetics. I’ve casted that same critical eye to the world around me and how I can affect change. I don’t want to just make myself as beautiful as I can, I want my world to be as beautiful as it can. However, I didn’t want to sacrifice my evenings/weekends to purely cleaning house. Not only was it not enough time to get to everything, it was exhausting, and more often than not,  it was sacrificed to spend time with my friends and/or my SO due to his demanding nursing work schedule.

So now the big question, given all these obstacles, how does one overcome? I started poking around the internet for some cleaning/organization tips and I stumbled across a website I had discovered many years ago and forgotten about: Flylady. It’s full of great tips and with her baby steps, it was pretty easy to get started. Now  I will admit out loud, I didn’t follow the guideline. I read ahead, got a general idea of what she was trying to communicate and then came up with a plan that worked in my life/home.

I have the blessing of being able to work from home and the only children I have to cater to are those of the furry, four legged variety.

So with this information, I drew up a chore list for the week (Thursdays I am in the office so I take  that day off from chores):

It’s still a work in progress but it seems to be working. I am not as stressed out with the state of my house, chores are getting done well before the evening so I can watch TV, read (Gasp!) or spend time with my SO. Win!

This has also bled over into other areas such as my back porch. Before it was just a place to throw things out of the way but I’ve started sprucing it up, playing with plants and in general just wanting to make sure every place in my home that I have to deal with is beautiful and clean.

All thanks to cosmetics.

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Earth Day – April 22, 2012

Earth Day was yesterday but since I was going to be coming back from an event, I decided to celebrate it a little early.

Friday, when I got off from work, I headed over to Home Depot and shopped around for some plants to add to my patio project. Being new to gardening, I wasn’t sure what I was in for in regards to types of plants. I’d been reading online what conditions were great for what but that was about it, nothing about any particular plant. So I walked around, looking up plants on my phone (Home Depot has codes that you can scan right on the plant’s card, handy!) and decided to go with a small African Violet and a Celosia or as they have come to be called, Chuck and Larry.

I love the little pops of color so we shall see how this pans out. If I can keep these little guys alive for a couple months, I will add some begonias. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many new things but it’s hard to not want to jump right in.

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Swimming in Cosmetics

Earlier this year, when I started experimenting with cosmetics, everything I owned could fit (somewhat) in a small red velvet bag. I even have proof!

Then I got some more make up so I dragged a vintage coke crate from the garage and did something pretty clever with it.


This set up worked perfectly for awhile and then the subscription services started, and the Urban Decay purchase and the Ulta runs and well…let’s just say it got ugly fast. I was having to move whole mountains of cosmetics just to get to some of my basic skin care items.

So as of right now, everything is in a box from the move still and will stay there until I find a better solution. I’ve been noodling on an idea but it hasn’t quite taken root yet so I need to continue to tinker with it. The ultimate goal is to have room on the bathroom counter without having to invade the SO’s space.

What have been your best organization idea?

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Driven to Distraction

I am in the process of setting up patio container garden and since we have an abundance of squirrels and birds, I’m training them away from my current plants.

This little guy wasted no time getting to the bowl of bread I left out.

Then he spotted me and took off!

But at least I know bread works pretty well. He hasn’t touched my plants all day. This just might work!

The patio that we have with our apartment is much nicer than the last place. It’s not as long but it’s wider which works better for my plan. Everything in this pic completely overwhelmed the last patio, just to give a little perspective.

Doo Doo Doo...looking out my back door!

I tried to take some  pics from the door but it just wasn’t working very well. So I went around the apartment to get a couple of better pics.

How...exciting, no?

Right where the chair is, I am planning on adding a small mosaic bistro type table along with another chair. I’d love to be able to take my laptop out on the patio on nice days and work from there. With the hot Texas summer ahead, I want to make it as inviting as possible.

The beginning of something awesome!

Along this railing, I am planning on putting some wood planter boxes as well as some DIY plant containers I am just dying to do. I’m really looking forward to this project. I just have to remember, we are only here temporarily so I can’t go TOO crazy or big or I just may find myself having to move it myself!

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