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Premier Jewelry Designs

Last week a friend invited me over to her house for a jewelry party by Premier Designs. Kinda like a tupperware party only with pretty stuff.

I’m always on the look out for new jewelry so I went but I’ll admit, I was a bit cautious. I know how these things can go and it’s more often than not cheap costume jewelry marked up to insane prices.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was really glad to see many of the pieces I liked on display and could actually touch them, try them on. The prices were really reasonable as well so I had a complete blast not only socializing with everyone at the party but picking out everything I wanted.

Here are the items I chose:

Silver neckaces, super long, I think it is 22 inches long.

I *loved* this bracelet in the catalog but was really concerned. I was ecstatic when J pulled it out of her inventory for me to try it on. It’s stretchy so there was no real worry there but more how it felt on. I just love it.

These earrings were the first items I saw on the display table and it took everything for me to put them back. I didn’t want to wait a week to get my own! I wanted them now! But I waited and now I am happy to have them.

And yes, I’ll be hosting a party soon myself. The hostess incentives are crazy so hopefully I can get quite a few people to show up.


Look of the Day

I’ve been ignoring my cosmetics for awhile. I test out my perfumes and skin care items religiously but I have been avoiding using any cosmetics. Why? Mostly because I’ve been dealing with a pretty strong case of self hate. I think I have a horrible looking face and putting make up on it, to me, was the same as putting a tutu on a pig. Just doesn’t go but it’s my face. I have to deal with it until I win the lottery and can do a complete overhaul. So until that happens,  I am making a challenge to myself to do at least 2 make up looks a week. Nothing over the top, just something simple to put on before running out the door.

To start off, I used Jouer luminizing moisture tint in bronze. It was very easy to work with, absorbed into my skin quickly and best of all, I simply don’t feel it. There isn’t a heavy coverage, just a light coverage to even out my skin tone.

The eye shadow is from a drug store compact that I ended up not really liking. I really had to build up to this level of color, it was very difficult to work with overall. But I used a maroon as an overall lid color with a lilac along the crease and blended it in. To deepen the look, I took some black eye shadow and dabbed that into the outer vee and into the crease. I really had to work at the blending. Once the shadow was on my skin, it didn’t really want to budge.

I used CoverGirl exact eyebright in black to line my waterline, being very careful not to lay it on too thick. I didn’t want a heavy line, just enough to define my upper eyelid. Maybeliene Falseies Volume Mascara finished off the look.

I really didn’t want much in the way of lipstick so I put on a simple lip balm and voila, all done.

Here you can really see how badly the blending didn’t work out. I tried a variety of brushes as well as my finger before I even got this much. Thankfully you don’t really notice it when my eyes are open.

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My Little Black Bag #2

I am so excited, my second Little Black Bag came in today! I hate that it takes a week from when trading closes to when it gets to me but in the end, it is worth the wait.

The purse is smaller than I expected but perfect for work. I may actually take this into the office instead of my other MB bag. Just move my wallet over. This one is just big enough for my wallet and my badge. Then I can use my other bag for the rest of the week. One less thing to juggle while schlepping a laptop work bag into the office would be great!


The underside of the flap is this really nice feeling velvet.


Same polka dot inside with two small pockets but no zippered pocket.


It comes with a super long strap but I am removing it since I hate straps.


Thankfully all it takes to remove is a small clip. 🙂


I have a turquoise stone hanging from a long chain but nothing really to wear it with so I got this earrings to go with it.


And I couldn’t say no to this cute bracelet, since it also goes so well with the earrings.


These are MUCH bigger than I expected and much wider but I really like them.


These were the earrings I got when I got my referral credit and loved them, no way I was letting them go.


I thought these would be very cute for a splash of color on those days when I wear my (dark) hair down.


All in all, this is probably my favorite box compared to the first one. So many pretty things! 😀


Wasteful Packaging?

I recently canceled my Birchbox subscription. I felt like I had to let go of one and when compared to Beauty Army, Birchbox had fallen to second place. Before I did that however, I had quite a few points so I decided to cash them out. It was only $10 worth of points but enough to purchase a bottle o f Zoya polish remover.

It came in today which I am incredibly happy about but the packaging kind of concerns me.

Is it just me or does this seem a bit overkill for a single bottle of nail polish remover? I’ve ordered quite a few things online before but I have to say, this is probably the first time the packaging gave me a moment of pause.


ASK Cosmetics’ Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge – Week Eight

To follow along, you can go back and read Week OneWeek Two, Week Three/FourWeek FiveWeek Six and Week Seven to see the whole process.

The last week the growth on my fingernails has just exploded. So much so that I needed to cut them all down in order to stop jamming them into things (like my eye) or catching them in the keyboard. I really noticed a difference then as well since I needed to go to the toe nail clipper to cut them versus the flimsy little $.99 cent fingernail clipper. It just wasn’t getting through the nail. I am going to replace it with a higher quality nail clipper though since the toe nail clipper seems a bit overkill. My ring fingers seem to grow the fastest, I am constantly having to cut those back while the others take a couple days to get troublesome.

This week I have noticed a considerable difference in my toe nails. I actually had to cut them back this week! They were getting quite dangerous, so much so that I was scratching the SO while sleeping. I realized then that it’s been so long since I’ve dealt with grooming my toenails, it was really awkward finding a comfortable position to do so. A lot of that could also be due to all the weight loss but I think between the two, I initially looked like a monkey trying to figure out a super complex puzzle!

But today, I think my toes looked extra nice so I dressed them up in my favorite sandals. I love love love my feet now, I think they look adorable (and believe you me, for me to think that about ANYTHING about me says something!) I have a whole closet of sandals just waiting to get out and about!

 I am really happy to see such an improvement in the past 8 weeks!  I was initially sent 2 bottles of Tips for Toes Nail Conditioner as well as a bottle of Skin Conditioning Milk. As of today, I have 3/4 of a bottle of nail conditioner and almost out of the skin conditioning milk. I have also been using these products generously for 8 weeks, twice a day so it really has gone quite far.

 A girlfriend invited me for a mani/pedi day on July 7th, I am really looking forward to it!  Thanks Lisa! Thanks ASK Cosmetics!


Crayola Nail Polish Collection!

Fred Flare has the Mini Crayola Nail Polish set ($12) and I may just have to get it. I normally don’t do glitter but I may have to break my rule just this once!


DIY Jewelry Holder/Display – Part 3

It’s finished! I wanted something simple to display my necklaces on with some room for growth and I got it!

The board is being held up with a length of brown nylon ribbon with gold accents along the side and the “hangar” is an old hand towel holder I used to have in my old bathroom. It was just laying around in the garage so I figured why not!

I almost went out and bought one of those hand hangers  but the SO was really not keen on that.

It’s far from perfect and I suspect I will continue to tweak it as time goes on but for not, it suits my needs perfectly and best of all, my necklaces are not sitting gnarled up in a cosmetic bag. I even found some pieces I forgot I owned! Like my little Leeezard!

For less than $30, I made myself a solution. Well, the SO helped. A little.

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