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Leaving for PA!

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for the 2 day drive to Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to stock pile anything to post while I will be gone so this blog will go on radio silence until I return on the 13th.

I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to resuming blogging when I return!

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Lancome Color Design – Jade Fever Compact Review

Since I am on a no buy (reason why coming in a later post) I wasn’t expecting anything in the mail so you can imagine my surprise when I received a package from Loreal earlier this week.

You can also then imagine when I opened it up to find the Lancome Paris Jade Fever compact!

The compact is a small  black case that is very slick to the touch and fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The downside is that it shows *everything* from fingerprints to dust particles really easy.

The palette is really shimmery and velvety to the touch. There was an inclosed booklet to show you how to use this particular palette for a day and evening look. The colors are very pretty in the compact and are buildable.

The two applicators that come with the compact. While cute, I found them to be pretty awkward to use.

And now the swatches! The top swatch is the overall base color, followed by the lid, crease, inner highlight and finally the liner.

They come together quite nicely. There was minimal fall out, they applied smoothly to the skin and have a good amount of wear even without a primer. I am certainly going to include this in my regular rotation!

Thanks L’oreal!

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ASK Cosmetics’ Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge – Week Twelve

To follow along, you can go back and read Week OneWeek Two, Week Three/FourWeek FiveWeek SixWeek Seven,  Week EightWeek NineWeek Ten & Week Eleven to see the whole process.

I believe pictures speak more than words so this will be a relatively small post.

On April 6th, I answered the call out by Ask Cosmetics looking for people to try out the Tips for Toes Beach Ready Toes challenge. I sent them this picture:

Twelve weeks later, this is where my toes are today:

If you had told me 3 months ago, I would have healthy looking toes that I would want to show off, I would have laughed. I never thought this was possible!  Just looking at the before and after is blowing  me away!

Thanks Lisa and ASK Cosmetics!


BodyRock 30 Day Challenge – Day 14

This past Sunday marked Day 14 for my 30 day Body Rock Challenge. Last week was certainly the better week as far as consistency goes but I am still pretty excited with the progress I am continuing to see.

Thursday was a hectic day for me and I completely forgot to do my workout, the weekend I was travelling and simply didn’t make time. No one to blame but myself but I did make up for it by being incredibly active both days so at least it wasn’t spent being lazy.

I still haven’t taken any measurements yet, I plan on comparing some measurements I took to in early June at the end of the challenge to see if what progress as been made. All in all though, I am feeling pretty good just being able to see the progress in reps.

Pretty excited!

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ASK Cosmetics’ Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge – Week Eleven

To follow along, you can go back and read Week OneWeek Two, Week Three/FourWeek FiveWeek SixWeek Seven,  Week EightWeek Nine & Week Ten to see the whole process.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Zoya had a special going on so I jumped on it. Last weekend, I did something I haven’t done in a really long time. I painted my own toe nails! This is a first in two major ways.

The first being that before starting the challenge, there was no way I would have brought attention to my toes; not in the state they were in! The second is this is the first time I was able to reach my toes to paint them! I’ve lost 200+ pounds and I can now reach my toes without having to overextend/hurt my back! YAY! So you can bet the first color I reached for was my new awesome red nail polish! 😀

Even though it seems the split is occurring, the nail itself seems to be a bit stronger and I have yet to deal with it breaking off. I am keeping it trimmed down though so between the two, I am thinking I won’t have the issues I had before. The nails are not breaking off anywhere as easily as they used to and I am not dealing with any flaking either. Major win!

My fingernails are also continue to blow me away. They are all pretty strong and growing in nicely. I have to clip and file them down much more often these days and something else I have noticed recently, they are not getting as flexible as they used to when I go swimming or even taking a shower.

I have yet to paint them mostly because I am getting ready for a camping trip and I don’t want to deal with scuffed/scratched nail polish on my fingers so I will wait to beautify them when I get back.

In the meantime, yay for beautiful hands and feet! Thanks to Lisa and ASK Cosmetics!


Deborah Lippmann To Release True Blood Cosmetics!

Deborah Lippmann True Blood Line premieres on HSN on August 9 and will be available to the public sometime around the end of the year.

I’d love love love to see a LaFayette inspired collection. He is by far my favorite character and even though it deviates from the books, I am glad he is still around.


Glamour Doll Eyes Sample Swatches

Earlier this month, I got my sample order in from Glamour Doll Eyes.

I have finally been able to sit down and do a swatch of the 12 samples I got and all I have to say is wow! The ones I thought I wouldn’t care for at all have been the ones I have completely fallen in love with, at least in regards to the swatching.

So far though, I’ve only been able to play with Strawberry Cupcake but in just swatching I am really eager to try Oddity! I have really fallen in love with this shade of green over the past 2 – 3 years. The SO absolutely hates it but is bearing with my obsession like a champ. Her Revenge is very similar to Sugar Pill’s Asylum though Asylum may have a bit more shimmer to it.

With every order you get 2 samples free so these were the ones I got:

I’m not sold on Electric Lemonade just yet, I will have to play with it but Lace Panties (the name alone cracks me up! I can just see the conversation now, “Oh pretty eye shadow, what are you wearing?” “Lace panties!”) But it really is a very pretty purple, the pic doesn’t do it justice at all.

I am going to be ordering some more samples soon to swatch so keep an eye out or you can hit my link below and order some for you own!

GDE Affiliate Link


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