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Have a great Labor Day weekend!

I’ll be traveling up to Oklahoma this weekend to get with some friends and do some training. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time and so very glad it is here.

You all have fun, be safe and be back with some awesome deals I made recently! ūüėČ

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NYC Mulberry Street Nail Polish Review

This has such a light and airy feel to it. Not a lot of color but a high shimmer that catches the light.

NYC Mulberry Street

I wasn’t too sure about this color, it seemed almost too nude but after putting it on, I loved it for that barely there look. I would certainly wear it solo or add some nail art to really spice it up.

Just as with the previous NYC Color review, the scent was a little off putting but that is really my only complaint. This color really does need a full two coats in order to completely cover, it is that light. I wouldn’t be surprised if some felt it needed more but I would think it would then start to become too thick and chip easier.


Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty – Sunday Sept 2nd

Click on the banner above to see some of the deals they will be offering and when! I am incredibly excited for the Tarte mascara and the Cargo eye shadows!

Do you see something that you may have to run in and pick up?

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NYC Canal Street Nail Polish Review

It is probably safe to say that I love the look of a deep burgundy nail polish. The look of it against my skin just really makes me smile.

NYC Canal Street is just the right amount of depth without being too muted. The color is incredibly beautiful. The polish itself was very easy to work with and one coat was almost enough. The second coat, while providing more even coverage, also really brought out the shimmer within the nail polish. The drying time was also something of note. By the time I finished painting one hand, the finger I started with was dry.

The one thing I really didn’t like it the smell of the nail polish. I’m not sure if I’m just being overly sensitive today but it seems to be a tad harsher than some of the others I have worked with. I had to put it down a couple times and walk away in order to get some fresh air.

NYC Canal Street

Even with the smell issue I have, I really am looking to break this out more often. I just really enjoy the color.


MAC Frost Air Nail Polish Review

Awhile back, over at MUT, we started a circular swap where someone took some unwanted cosmetics and shipped it to someone else in the group. The next person would grab what they wanted and replace it with items they no longer wanted. Lather, Rinse, Repeat a few times. By the time the box made  itself to me, it was OVERFLOWING.

One of items I chose was the MAC Frost Air nail polish. I’ve never worked with their nail polish before so I was excited to give it a try.

I have to say, I am not disappointed! It’s a very shimmery blueish silver and applies like a dream. It needed a couple of coats to be completely opaque but it was not hard to work with at all.

I can very easily see this being one of my go to nail polishes when I go to the salon for my mani/pedis!


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Essie Barefoot in Blue

Back in March, ¬†I received this beautiful nail polish as part of the Tom Shoes and Essie collaboration for One Day Without Shoes. At the time I didn’t swatch it because my nails were in HORRIBLE shape but after completing the Tips for Toes challenge a couple weeks ago, I realized it was time.

I don’t have enough good things to say about this polish! It applied¬†beautifully¬†and covered pretty well though it did need two full coats in order to be completely opaque. It dried pretty quickly and I can very easily see myself wearing this again and again.

At the last minute, I grabbed my Essie Stroke of Brilliance I received as a Klout perk and tossed it on. I loved it! I really made the color pop!

I’ll be honest, I was thinking of giving away the Stroke of Brilliance after working with it last time¬†but I’m glad I tested it again. Not only was it easier to work with as a top coat but it wasn’t anywhere as hard to remove.

If you can get these two nail polishes, I highly recommend them.


Where is the time going?

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months where you just can’t seen to catch your breath?

That is how this year has been for me! It’s all been fantastic, mind you but *hectic*! This past weekend was the last quiet weekend for me. My next free weekend? Nov 10th!

And that is just long enough to catch my breath before we go into the holiday season!

I’ve been so terribly bad, I haven’t even had time to put make up on, dear readers. I know, a crime! I really need to make more time but doing it means sacrificing sleep! Blessed sleep, it’s so awesome, I miss it! LOL

I’m hoping to be back to posting LOTDs here soon but at least for this week, I am not sure I am going to make it.

But what about you?? What looks are you rocking these days that just make you feel FANTASTIC!?

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