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Magpie Botanical Review

Kit and Derek are some really awesome friends of mine who just so happen to own Magpie Botanical.  This past weekend I picked up some bath teas from them as well as one of their holiday soaps.

Cranberry Soap Cold Process Organic Soap Christmas Soap

OH MY GOD! I used to swear by LUSH and their soaps but I’m changing allegiances. One of the first things I usually have to do after getting out of the shower/bath is apply lotion to my legs, arms and face cause I feel my skin getting tight and itchy. Not so with their soap.

They have some wonderful smelling bath teas as well, I stocked up on those this past weekend and cannot wait to ease into their wonderfulness!

I highly recommend them!

If you are also looking for some incredibly pretties, I also suggest checking out their jewelry shop: Magpie’s Tricks

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Total Nail Transformation Challenge – Week Three

Not only have I noticed a good amount of growth this week but I have also noticed that my nails are feeling a good bit stronger. By the time I get to this length, I can usually bend my nails, they were that weak. Now, I get next to no movement from the nail itself. yay!!

I have also noticed my cuticles are responding much better this time around. Before, I would get hangnails like crazy, my cuticles constantly needing to be pushed back and trimmed. I haven’t had to do *anything* to my cuticles in the past three weeks. They have been quite healthy and behaving quite nicely!

Left Hand

Right Hand

You can still see the ridges in my thumbnails, those are quite pronounced, especially on the right hand but I am keeping an eye on it to see how t eh new growth responds. All in all though, I am quite pleased with the results and look forward to what develops throughout the rest of the challenge!!


Honey Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Figs

Honey Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Figs.

Courtesy of le zoe musings

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Time to stop dwelling on the past

Every event in our lives has an impact. Some are so small, we barely notice. Some are so big, they forever change us. Bringing my son into this world was such an event for me and while his time on this earth was short, my life was forever transformed.

I usually dread the month of November. Guilt and sadness have been the theme for the past 20 years. This year, I decided that needed to stop. Instead I will celebrate life and the transformations that moment in time would set before me in order to become the person I am today.

Thanks to my friend, Hoyt over at Mystic Marks in San Marcos, I was able to express that through art and thanks to my good friend, Helena, for sitting with me.



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Target’s Beauty For Every Body Box

I had completely forgotten I had signed up for this and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see it in my mailbox this afternoon!

I *love* the little bag! Animal print has long been my favorite so I may be a bit biased. Its lined and is plastic with some texture to the outside. All in all, it looks like it will hold up to some abuse for a little bit.


A book of Target coupons full of cosmetic, skin care and hair care products.


And some sample products to try!


I can’t wait to try these out!

Did you get a Target Box? If so, did you get the same items?


Total Nail Transformation Challenge – Week Two

It’s been a week since I started the Total Nail Transformation Challenge. The first week saw a considerable amount of growth and this week is the same.

Left Hand

Right Hand

You can see the ridges in my thumbnails quite well. In fact the I only have two fingernails that don’t have ridges and those are my pointing fingers. This isn’t affecting me in any way other than not really carrying for the ridges but some ridge filler and it takes care of that before I put on polish. Not that I am doing that right now since that would skew the challenge results!

My goal for this challenge is to try and track any difference in the ridges on my fingers nails so if this is a concern of yours, check in here every week for updates! 🙂

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