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My Experience With Henna

I’ve always loved the idea of henna. I have several friends who have absolutely stunning hair color due to henna. I picked their brains endlessly and for Christmas, I got two boxes of Henna of my very own! I finally had some time to pay attention to me and played with it.

So here is a (incredibly hideous, I am so sorry!) picture of me before any color.


It was super easy to mix up and really even apply it. It was a bit different than what I am used to but once I got the hang of it, it went by pretty quickly. I should have taken pictures but I was so engrossed in not slinging henna all over the place, I completely forgot.

This is what I had after letting it sit for 2.5 hours.


I wasn’t prepared for the blond color and wanted something a little deeper so I gave it another shot and put in more henna and let it sit for 5 hours.


The picture is not even close to demonstrating just how bright the color came out, especially in my grey area. I was quite taken back and had to chuckle but it left me with a solid conclusion: henna is not for me! So off to Sally’s we went and I picked up a bottle of color. After some debating, I decided to go back to my dark locks so I picked up Age Beautiful’s Darkest Plum Brown.


It came out gorgeous and I will probably do another run of color in a couple weeks to even up the bang area since that is the worst of my grey.


But all in all, I am glad for the experience and I gained knowledge so it wasn’t a total waste but at least I know now that I am not meant for henna! But I love the new look and got a lot of compliments when I went into the office today!

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Project update!

The sideless surcote I have been working on is coming along nicely! This weekend saw the neckline stitched down and pearls sewn on.

I’m still noodling on what to do around the neckline and if I want to add any more pearls to the torso area but I really like how well it has come out, especially since this is the first time I have worked with fur.


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Getting My Nose Pierced

I have always wanted a nose piercing. I think they are so cute and sexy. I kept telling myself once I lost enough weight, I would go get one. Been telling myself that for years now.

Last night, I finally said to hell with it. I have lost almost 200 pounds, when is enough going to be enough? So I went and did it!


Just a simple ball post for now. I’ll change it to a hoop in a couple months but I absolutely adore it.!

Make up:
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner – Brown
Ulta Flesh Mascara – Blackout
CoverGirl Lipslicks – Daring


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Aaaand we’re back!!

It’s been a busy few months but now that the move is complete, I have unearthed all my UFO (unfinished projects) and getting them done or at least making significant progress on them!

The first is charmed bookmarks I promised to a friend to give out as gifts. I handed her 40 of the ones in black last week. The ones in yellow are the newest batch I am working on. I’ll be making a total of 200 – 300 of these.

I’ve also bitten the bullet, pulled out an unfinished dress and faced down the fear I had in dealing with sewing on fur. I’ve never worked with fur before so it was kind of intimidating and while I certainly need more practice, I like how it came out. I still need to hem down the neckline and bead the torso a bit but for the most part, it is complete.

Now I can move on to a new doublet for my fighting tournament season coming up!

Any projects you’ve been working on??

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