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Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox!


I can’t wait for it to come in! Any other Influensters? I hope there are some tanning products, that is my summer goal. 😀

June Influenster


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Memorial Day


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Introducing The Monster Tomatoes!

While I was gone, my tomato plants went wild!  It’s like they doubled in size in a matter of a week!

I also took pics of the individual plants so I can document them separately as well as a group.

Solar Fire:

Sun Sugar:

Pink Brandywine:

Lemon Boy:

The Lemon Boy is the one who is growing the fastest though its the Sun Sugar that has already produced tomatoes.

All in all, this is getting to be some exciting times! I can’t wait until they all start producing!

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Returning to Boston

This past weekend, I flew up to Boston for a friend’s wedding. As the wedding was Sunday, I decided to take Friday and Monday off so I could spend time not only in my hometown but also with friends.

A friend drove down from Maine so first thing Friday morning, we hit my favorite diner, The Rosebud which is just outside of Davis Square in Somerville.

Unfortunately, they were recently bought out and Memorial day will be the last weekend they are open. They have excellent diner food, the Belgian waffle with cinnamon apples is especially wonderful. If you find yourself in the area before they close, I highly recommend it.

We also hit the Boston Common, which is one of my most favorite places to hang out. At the frog pond, we were lucky to get our picture taken with the two frog statues!

The weather was gorgeous for the entire weekend. I think the hottest it got was on Friday and that was 78. Perfect weekend for a garden wedding!

All in all, it was wonderful trip home and I am forever thankful to my friends and family there.

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Disney faces backlash over new “sexy” Merida; pulls new image from web site as a result

Cross your fingers, they may actually listen!

On Saturday, Disney held a “coronation ceremony”(1) for Merida, star of the Disney-Pixar film Brave. In the coronation, Merida officially became part of the Disney Princess lineup. This means that her image has been added to the 2D collection of princesses in a cartoon form that fits stylistically with that of her princess peers.

Unfortunately for Disney, the new cartoon image of Merida that Disney created for the lineup overshadowed all conversation online about the coronation. The reason? The new cartoon sexualizes Merida.

That’s right: Although Merida was created by a woman as a role model for girls, the male-dominated consumer product division at Disney has ignored the character’s intended benefits for young girls, sexualizing her for profit.

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Oh Disney, Disney, Disney….why must you screw everything up?

Turns out that Merida’s only joining the royal lineup after a corporate makeover that’s rendered her skinnier, sexier, and more glamorous than her original spunky, tomboyish self—stripping her, at least in some images, of her trusty bow and arrow, and putting her into the very dress that her character detested in “Brave.” It’s sparked outrage among thousands of mothers for whom Merida offered, finally, an empowering Disney role model for their girls.

Click image for full article.

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Garden Success!

We got some impressive storms this weekend and I was out camping so I went out first thing this morning to check on the garden.

My Sun Sugar is doing really well! The baby tomatoes are maturing quite nicely and I have some more coming in! It looks like it will certainly be a nice crop once it finishes producing.

My other tomato plants haven’t started producing yet but they have grown a lot! Now if only they would produce!!

Planted April 28th

Progress May 13th

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