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Double Chocolate Stout Night!

Double Chocolate Stout

36 bottles of Double Chocolate Stout have been bottled up this evening and are now stashed in a cool, dark room for the next few weeks.

The SO and I are avid brewers. He dabbles mostly in beers and meads while I focus on meads and cordials. It’s an incredibly fun hobby and one that we are excited to share together. It’s hard to try and share your thoughts, concerns or ideas with someone who isn’t into it. More often then not, it’s more of a one way conversation than a true exchange of ideas. That is where I found myself before and am beyond delighted to have found someone who geeks out with this as much as I do.

This sort of stout is not to my personal taste, I am not one for a bitter taste but the SO loves it. As soon as we get the materials cleaned up from this batch, I will be starting a Scottish Ale so look for pics of that coming soon!  😉


Baby Blanket Sneak Peek

I fell into a rhythm there for a little bit. One cosmetic post, one crafty post. I may have to keep that up, it kept things interesting.

The newest craft project, however, will take considerably longer than a scarf as it is a baby blanket for a wonderful friend of mine who is due to deliver a baby girl in November.

Here is a sneak peek but this is all I will share until it is completed. Which I hope should be around the end of August. This is an incredibly easy pattern, made of single stitches and double crochets. The bobbles are eating up an insane amount of yarn but it will be worth it in the end.


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What’s In Your Cosmetic Bag?

A few days ago, Christina of Temptalia was asked this very same question and I was going to share my answer on her blog but decided to just write up a blog answer instead so I can share it with all of you.

I don’t use a purse traditionally because I primarily work from home so I have time to do my make up before I ever have to leave the house. I’ve gotten so used to just carrying my iPhone book book which is also my wallet, that I just don’t think about purses much anymore. Though I still want to purchase them, go figure!

However, I do keep a small cosmetic case in my laptop bag which goes to and from work with me when I have to go into the office for meetings. Here is a snapshot of my cute little Beautyfix cosmetic bag:

Cosmetic Bag

Seems pretty simple, right? Little did I know when I picked up this little bag, that it was actually a bag of holding! It holds all the things!!

Cosmetic Bag 2

I am a nail file hoarder, I love them. If there is a nail file set up next to a cash register, I pick one up. I just can’t help it! That is why you see 3 nail files and a file brick along with:

  • Revlon‘s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Adore
  • ASK Cosmetics Revival Skin Conditioning Milk (I love this lotion! I was lucky enough to get into a couple of their challenges which introduced me to their line. Suuuuch awesome stuff) If you haven’t already, you should check out Lisa’s blog.
  • Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner in Brown
  • ELF’s Blending Eye Brush
  • Cuticle clippers for those pesky hangnails I always get and can never stop from picking until I have a bleeding wound!
  • ASK Cosmetics TIPS Nail Conditioner (This has really helped with aforementioned hang nail problem!)
  • MAC Twilight Falls eyeshadow
  • Ulta‘s Ultraflesh Mascara in Blackout
  • Nail clippers
  • Goody’s Ouchless Hair Ribbon

Unless I am going out for a night on the town, I usually keep my day time make up pretty neutral so everything here works perfectly for those last minute touch ups one may need during a hectic day in the office or any minor cosmetic emergencies.

What do you carry in your cosmetic bag?


Thursday Are For Toes!

Every other Thursday, I treat myself to a pedicure. It has always been something I have enjoyed but not something I was able to indulge myself in until a couple of weeks ago.

I decided to kick off my pedicure routine with my favorite shade of green. I love having flowers on my toes, I am not sure why but it’s always been my “thing”.

Green Toes

This was the week for a new pedicure and as soon as I was off work, I made my way over to the salon, sat down in the wonderful massage chair and let them take my worries away. This week, the SO picked the color red (He is not a fan of my beloved green so I think this was a way to keep me from coming home with it again LOL)

Instead of looking over the colors they have in the salon though, I decided I will start going through my own stash so this week I chose Deborah Lippman’s “Since I Fell For You“.


I did make the other ladies in the seats beside me when it was time to scrub the bottom of my feet. I am incredibly ticklish and so it takes everything to keep my from squirming all over the seat and giggling like a maniac. But it is so worth it, I love the way my feet feel afterwards!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the same guy who did my pedicure last time so the artwork isn’t quite as nice but the lady who did my pedicure this time gives an incredibly sinful massage. She almost put me to sleep, it was that good!

I left the salon feeling like a million bucks and can’t wait for my next one!


Rimmel Green Eyed Monster Nail Polish Review

A wonderful friend of mine gifted me with this nail polish cause she knows how much I love this shade of green.

I love the color, it makes me smile every time I look at it and while the formula was pretty to work with, the applicator was a bit of a pain to work with. I am not sure if this is just the way Rimmel does their brushes or if it was just this one but the brush applicator was very thick and very uneven.

Rimmel states that this formula will dry in 60 seconds and while it certainly is quicker than most I have worked with before, it did take longer than that. At least a good 2 – 3 minutes before it was cured enough so as not to get any smudges. With this formula, 2 coats is necessary to cover as the formula is also quite thick.

All in all, while Rimmel knocked it out of the ball park color wise for me, they need to work on the applicator and formula.

Rimmel Green Eyed Monster


Grey Swirl Scarf!

I banged out another scarf I found on Ravelry! I have seen these in stores before and just loved them but could never justify the price. Now I understand the price tag! 😀

This one was super easy but wow did it eat up a lot of yarn! Thankfully between this one and the market bag, I killed a skein of yarn.

Now I am off to hunt for another crochet project!

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Influenster Summer VoxBox – Sinful Shine’s Tan Lines Nail Polish

One of the items in my Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox I received last month was Sinful Shine’s Tan Lines Nail Polish.

Sinful states that the Geltech technology provides opulant, rich color and a brilliant shine finish.

This is a new line they have released in an wide variety of colors that will be carried by Walgreens for $2.99 per 0.5 oz bottle.

I normally don’t do colors quite this delicate so I am still on the fence about how I like it on me however I have to say the formula was quite easy to work with it and while the color was okay with one coat, the deepness really built up with two. There is certainly a high amount of shine with this formula but seeing as how I have never had gel nails before, I really can’t comment to that aspect. I did take this picture without any top coat in order for the overall shine of the nail polish to speak on its own.

Sinful Shine - Tan Lines

All in all, while this color is not at the top of my list, the overall experience with the formula could potentially see me adding more to my collection.

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