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Talk About A Change!

I was folding laundry yesterday and was sorting through my shirts. I came across an old t-shirt I picked up back in 1999. It’s a HUGE shirt, size XXXL. I remember the day I bought it, I was annoyed that they didn’t have anything bigger because a XXXL barely fit me.

Then I picked up a t-shirt I bought last year and the sheer difference in the weight of material in my hand was astounding. So then I had to do a size comparison.


If I remember correctly, that is approximately 3 – 4 inches difference. That’s over a foot of space I simply don’t occupy anymore!

The path to today has certainly had its up and downs and more often than not, I want to just walk away from it all but in the end, I’m happy for the sacrifices I have made in order to be in a healthier body.

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Back in July, I crocheted another infinity scarf but forgot to post it here. (bad blogger!)

This is the Yin-Yang pattern from Ravelry and the only difference in mine is I didn’t use two different colors. I just used up a skein of yarn (a really pretty, smooth cotton) I had laying around. I posted it to my personal facebook and got a couple of friend requesting one for themselves as well.

Here is Lin’s which is a hand dyed 100% merino wool:

Lin Scarf
This is Allison’s which is also hand dyed 100% merino wool:

Allison Scarf

Something I have come to realize, I am turning into a yarn snob, especially with working with the wool. Going from the cotton/acrylic yarn from the baby blanket to the merino wool was oh so lovely. It was so smooth and soft and just felt heavenly.

This so does not bode well for my wallet!

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Sideless Surcote #2 – Beading

Now that I have the base of the dress completed, time to think about the details.

I knew I wanted to do beading, it’s what I had seen in my mind’s eye when I first picked up the white fabric. The question was how to do it.

So to that end, I started laying down beads:

5mm silver smooth round beads I picked up from JoAnn’s. I really liked the pop of shine so I kept going. Initially I made a chevron pattern but I ended up not liking it so I ripped it all out. So I started playing around some more and kind of zoned out. Before I knew it, I had this:

I really like the idea and I think what I may do after I finish this column of beads up to the neck is then lay a couple of rows of 4mm silver smooth beads and then 3 mm silver smooth beads. At least that is what is noodling around in my head right now.  We’ll see what actually happens.

Once that beading is done, I’ll sew in the liner to give the top a bit more structure as well as hide all the beading knots. That should also solve the dilemma I was having with how to finish the edges of the armhole and neck.

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Sideless Surcote #2 Progress

After getting everything cut out, it was time to introduce the two fabrics!  I was expecting it to be a tad harder than it turned out to be but I am incredibly happy with how it has turned out so far.

The skirt (with a cameo of Sweet Pea):

The torso:

And voila! A dress!

A really rough one but a dress nonetheless. Now to start planning out the beading on the top as well as the finishing on the arm and neck holes and last but not least, finishing the hem! More pics to come!!  🙂

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Baby Blanket Revealed!

It took a little over a month but I finished the baby blanket! This is for a friend of mine who recently got married earlier this year and is expecting her first child this winter. This is made up entirely of double crochets and single crotchets and 5 double crochets together to form the bobble.

Bobble Stitch

I was going to initially make it out of 5 different colors but due to budget constraints, I had to scale it down to two colors so I chose white and gold.

Baby Blanket

The entire thing isn’t that big, coming in at 28″x 32″.  The pattern used is called Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket and can be found on Ravlery or on Tamara’s blog.

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Sideless Surcote #2

It’s time for a new sideless surcote. The one I finished in March is still waiting for its debut but I need cool weather for that. The same will go for this one as I have decided on a red velvet for the skirt and a white satin for the top.

Surcoat #2


Once I get the two cut out and married, I will think more on the embellishments but I am currently in favor of either pearling the top at each ‘knot’ or using some sort of gem/metal, possibly silver to embellish the top.

We’ll have to see which was the creative roller coaster takes us!  

Stay tuned for project updates! 😀

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CVS Requiring ID for Nail Polish Remover?

One pharmacy chain is making it harder for customers to buy one type of beauty product.  CVS says it will require people to show their ID to purchase nail polish remover.

Under a brand new company policy, you’ll have to hand over your driver’s license to buy it.  That’s because acetone is a common ingredient used in the meth-making process, and CVS says it’s doing its part to cut down on the use of meth across the country.

CVS says the new tracking system will let them flag suspicious purchases made by people who buy these common meth-making materials.  There is no age restriction.  Showing the ID simply allows the stores to track the purchases of items used to make meth.

Source here

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