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Tan Oversized Sweater Outfit

Tan Oversized Sweater Outfit

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Maroon Oversized Sweater Outfit

Maroon Oversized Sweater Outfit

V neck top

Gray jegging

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Thanksgiving Retail Reinforcements Day

Stolen from  my friend, Josh!Image

Most of us worked retail, during high school, during college, after college. It was barely tolerable most of the time, but we all know the holidays bring out the absolute worst in people. Black Friday, that least palatable of “holidays”, is a world war on retail workers.

With “Black Friday” now set to start during actual Thanksgiving, retail is now even more unbearable than ever. With that in mind, this “event” is meant to fight back against the sweaty tides of bargain shoppers shouting epithets at minimum wage workers dragged from their normal shifts and away from their families to sell cheap DVD players and crock pots no one will use.

Instead of shopping on Thanksgiving, bring your nearest big box retailer workers some coffee. Or doughnuts. Or both. Some sort of creature comfort that makes their 24 hours of retail purgatory just a little bit better. Because retail workers are people too.

The plan is simple:

1) Find a local place that sells coffee in bulk (Tim Hortons, if you live somewhere near Canada). Buy that coffee (with a fair warning to the coffee people!). Find some doughnuts. Buy those doughnuts.

2) Bring it with love to the beleaguered retail workers stuck selling products on Thanksgiving or at midnight on Black Friday. Give it to the electronics department (or whichever department is going to be absolutely murdered come midnight Black Friday). Wish them Godspeed.

3) Go home, and stay home, during Black Friday. Don’t wear pants. Pants are silly. Spend time with your friends and family.

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Taking a moment to recognize progress

I distinctly remember when I needed one of those large Rubbermaid plastic tubs (23.9″ L x 15.9″ W x 16.5″ H) to house my clothes for a weekend event with some overflow into a second one. Now all my clothes, accessories and even my boots fit in a 6 panel box (23.5″ L x 12″ W x 12″ H)! And there are even queen size sheets in said box!

I have had these little epiphanies in the past but every time it catches me flat footed. When you’ve been morbidly obese for over half your life, it is very hard to see yourself as anything but that. I lost a good amount of the weight before I came to Texas and lost even more before I really started to get to know the wonderful people that fill my life. So you really don’t understand what I started with but believe me, it was bad. While it may not have been the main reason, I know in my heart of hearts, it was also a contributing factor towards the death of my marriage, which has always been a bit of a heartbreak for me.

Either way, it really has been an awesome journey and while I know I could stand to lose a few more, I am incredibly pleased with my progress. 

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10/10/13 OOTD

10/10/13 OOTD


Chico s

Ariat boots

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Generic Business Outfit

Generic Business Outfit

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LOTD 10/05/13

The SO and I have not had a night out in quite some time last night so last night, we went to see our favorite singer, Alyse Black, who was performing at Flipnotics.  There was some concern about getting to the venue since ACL just kicked off but we managed to get there with minimal effort and even managed to score a parking spot at the venue!

I felt the need to get really done up so I did something I don’t normally do; I straightened my hair! I had forgotten how long it takes but luckily, I started fairly early so I still had lots of time to get ready. All in all, I love how my overall look came out.



Under eye Concealer: Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Luminous 3

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder N40

Urban Decay Snakebite (all over eyelid)

Urban Decay Blackout (Upper and Lower Eyeliner)

Benefit Thy’re Real Mascara Black

Cover Girl Lip Slicks Hipster

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