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BzzAgent Review – Coopertone CLEARLYsheer Sunscreen

I was recently sent the Coppertone CLEARLYsheer sunscreen for free to test and since we were going to the lake this past weekend, what a perfect opportunity!

I normally dislike wear sunscreen. I do not like the scent of most of them as well as find them incredibly sticky and overall, just a mess to use. To say I approached this new sunscreen with a bit of hesitation would be an understatement. I was quite surprised at now only the light scent, which was quite pleasing, but also how easy it was to apply!

A couple of my friends also tried it and they loved it. I will be keeping this in my beach bag! 😀

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Shoe Porn – Crocs Janyna Clog

So normally when you say Crocs Clog, I cringe. I really do not seen the appeal to these shoes. There are not remotely attractive for every day wear. Functional, yes but I know people who practically live in them and wear them with everything.

However, I needed some sturdy shoes to wear to the lake since it is rather rocky and I have sensitive feet. I went to DSW last year to see what I could find and I was really surprised to find the Jayna Clogs!! They are cute and do not look like standard crocs.


They are pretty study and are pretty comfortable for a day at the beach. Just don’t leave your feet in the sun for too long, the material gets hot QUICK! My only real complaint about them is that they are not really meant for swimming. They will slide off pretty easily.

Past that though, I love them!


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Wordless Wednesday – Flowers!


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I’m back!

So I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life last week so I decided to take the week off. There has been lots of things going on with work, the engagement, just life in general so I needed some down time.

But I am back!

I’m always showing pictures of Vincent, mostly because he is the one who is out and about most often. Every once in awhile, I will catch Sweet Pea not napping. This one was just too cute. He looks so grumpy. 😀

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Memorial Day



Aspire rather to be a hero than merely appear one.

                                                                    ~BALTASAR GRACIAN

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Influenster Viva Vox Box – Pure Ice Nail Polish

Influenster sent me two nailpolishes from Pure Ice as part of the Viva Voxbox.

The one I immediately fell in love with is called “It’s Complicated” which is a clear base with multicolored glitter particles ranging in size.

It has a somewhat thick consistency and took three coats to get a relatively uniform look. The part I really enjoyed was how smooth it felt once it dried. One of the things I dislike about most glitter nail polishes is how bumpy my nails feel afterwards. Without a top coat, that wasn’t as much of an issue.

The manicure lasted about a week before it started chipping in large pieces however, I am not sure if this was because I didn’t use a top coat or because I soaked my nails before I painted them.

All in all though, I am pretty happy with the product and will continue to use it! 🙂



Wordless Wednesday – Fun and Games!

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