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Bridal Thursday – Wedding Dress Search 2014!

With the PA trip, all I wanted to get done was book the photographer and the venue. Once those were done, I just wanted to enjoy my trip since I knew the chaos would begin shortly after that. 

In a couple of weeks, my girls and I will be hitting two bridal salons. Bella Saison in the morning and David’s Bridal in the afternoon. I am hoping between the two, I can find something. With the venue being slightly quirky and a mid day event, I’m pretty sure a typical wedding dress is not going to be in order. Also, money. I would prefer to get away with a dress that is under $700. No idea if that is going to be feasible but that is the dream!

The one cool thing about Bella Saison is they carry a designer I really like: Mori Lee. Some of the designs are just breathtaking!

This duchess satin dress is currently my #1. I just love everything about it! It’s simple, clean and since I am doing something of a spanish theme, I bet a spanish shawl would look just stunning over it.


I could also forgo the spanish scarf and just rock some seriously awesome shoes with this beautiful organza hi low dress. Very feminine and pretty but I feel it’s may a tad too feminine for me. I would definitely have to see it on.


#3 on the list is another organza dress but it’s more a trumpet/mermaid style dress. What has me completely spellbound though is the neckline and sleeves. I just love how they add a soft, flowy feel the whole dress. Downside is I am not sure this would be ‘appropriate for a mid day wedding. Maybe a tad too formal?

Also, while I have an hourglass figure, I definitely have ‘junk in my trunk’ so I am afraid I would look too…weird in something this form fitting in the hip/leg torso.

#4 is a dress I am not too sure about at all but I love the flameco feel it has, which would go well with the overall feel of the wedding I am hoping to acheive and I could have an awesome pair of shoes to pair with it.

I haven’t really found anything on the David’s Bridal website that I am just fawning over but we shall see how this whole thing pans out.  Should be exciting! 😀

Of the 4 I listed, which one is your favorite?

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Wordless Wednesday – Blueberry Creme Porter

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Are you ready for a nap?

Apparently Vincent is, so much so that he is dead weight on my legs. Soft kitty snores every once in awhile.


It makes it very hard not to get sleepy myself.  Must. Keep. Working…..

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Crafty Monday – My very own Wulsthaube and Steuchlein!

I can just hear it now; “A wha..?  What is a Wulsthaube and Steuchlein?!” In short, it’s a type of headgear German women wore when in the 16th Century.

This is a good picture of one:

Cathrin from Katafalk also has a great tutorial for one. 

I actually used her tutorial for the ‘bump’ to make mine. I already had a headscarf that Courtney from Opus Elenae made for me. I really didn’t need to make one right now but I may make one in the near future so I have a dedicated one for this purpose. 

Here is it with just the ‘bump’ and headscarf. (I have no idea why I am making such a goofy face!)




And then using Cathrin’s tutorial for the Steuchlein, I made mine.  The tip to mark the center front was very handy once I tried to put it on though mine was just white thread so it wouldn’t stand out too terribly much.

SteuchleinIn a couple of weeks, I will be tackling a very LOUD kampfrau, there will be pics!  🙂


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Wordless Wednesday – Rubber Ducky, you’re the one!


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Kitties and Catnip

One of the vendors at Pennsic sells some really cute cat toys, stuffed with catnip. I had never given the cats catnip before so I was not sure how they were going to react.

As soon as I got home and put my basket down, however, I got my answer. 

I only got 3 of them since I wasn’t sure how the kitties would react. Apparently, I hadn’t bought enough.

And then Sasha took them all!

All in all, the toys were a hit.  Not that I have any clue where they are now but at least I know they like catnip!

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Crafty Monday – Adventures in Inkle Weaving

I have been doing inkle commissions for trade recently. I much prefer that to using money. Materials and time I have. Money, not so much, especially with the wedding planning.

The most recent is for a friend of mine in Canada. She fell in love with a purple and green belt I made and wanted to add one more color and have it in stripes. So once I finalized the pattern with her, I warped the loom! All in all, it should be roughly 5 yards, enough to wrap around her twice with some tails.

Of course, as it goes with all things crafty, it isn’t a true crafting project unless something goes wrong. I usually experience this with warping a thread the wrong way or running out of a certain color. So you can imagine my surprise when the whole thing warped up beautifully!  Yay!  No adventures!


A yard into the weaving and my tension rod snapped. Doh!

So now it is on hold until I get the materials together to fix it. Fun times!

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