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Happy Thanksgiving!

CA Thanksgiving 048

I will be taking the next week off from blogging to focus on my family and Thanksgiving.

From my family to yours, I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!  🙂

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Wordless Wednesday – New Tea for the Collection


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Kitty Tuesday – Evie and SweetPea

These two, I swear, I am not even sure what to think.

With Sweet Pea getting up there in age, I am concerned with how Evie will cope but in the meantime, I cherish the moments when I find them lost in a nap together.

Evie and Sweet Pea


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Crafting Monday – Lucet Cording

I learned how to do lucet cording several years ago but it was never something I did all of the time.

The one thing I really do enjoy about it is how simple it is to work. It travels pretty easy and can be put down and picked up with no thought whatsoever. The perfect fidget tool for those days when you find yourself waiting at the car dealership or the Doctor’s office.

With Operation Bliaut, we are going to need cording to lace up the sides so my goal is 6 yards of cording. So far to date. I just passed 2 yards. I am pretty pleased! However, I may need to redo it since I am not sure this is going to do the look I want but we won’t know that until we put it on the dress.

So meanwhile, I’ll just fidget and be productive!

Lucet Cording

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Wordless Wednesday – A New Hole In My Head


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Grumpy Sasha is Grumpy!

The look we get after Sasha has to take her medicine.

The good news is that her eye is improving quite a bit. It’s open all the time now and there is no discharge!  Yay! However, from the sounds of it, she will now be on thyroid meds for the rest of her life as she has hyperthyroidism. She weighs next to nothing despite eating all her food and whatever food the other cats leave.  We’ve even had to chase her off the dog’s food.

Fun times in this house, let me tell you!

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Crafty Monday – Operation Bliaut Part I

I finally had some time to do something crafty! Granted, it was pretty simple but I wanted to ease into it since I have been out of the crafting loop for awhile. Small victories, you know how it goes.  😉

Anyways, my wonderful friend, Courtney, drew up a bliaut pattern for me some time ago and I picked a lovely shade of grey from my go to linen store and I paired it with a beautiful light green. The grey will be the shell with the green as the lining which will peek out from the sleeves.  I will also make a light green cording for the ties that go down each side. The one thing I wanted to find pretty quickly though, was the trim that would go around the neck and arms.

I can be pretty persnickety when it comes to trim so I was expecting for this to take some time. With having just moved, a lot of my trim was in boxes so before I went shopping for new trim, I decided to go shopping in my boxes. Just in case, ya never know what one bought eons ago and forgot about, right?

Both Courtney and I were giggly when I unearthed this little forgotten treasure.


It’s perfect! It will add interest and pop off of the grey while still having some green undertones to pick up from the sleeves but it was a little plain. It needed some pizzazz. So off I go again to shop within in crafting room and I find a baggie stuffed in the corner of a box. A bag I picked up on Sept 6th!  The only reason I remember this is because it was the day I went wedding dress shopping and we stopped at a local beading store that was closing. And I had picked up pearls!  Perfect!

I quickly did a test swatch.


I LOVE IT!  YES!  This is what I need to have in my life! After some quick calculations, Courtney and I agreed that 6 yards should be about enough. Since I had a 6 hour drive (one way) this weekend, I had enough time to get it done!

So I got to sewing and by the time we go home yesterday, 7 yards of trim was pearled! Ow my fingers but oh so pretty!


I am really excited to see how this all comes together!


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