About Pancua

I’m just a woman, running amok within the world wide web. Several things fascinate me and at varying degrees depending on the day.

I am 38 years of age, thriving in the bustling city of Austin, Texas. The felines, Vincent and Layla, see to the day to day running of the house: ensuring that all meals, watering and cleaning is done on schedule less extreme punishments be handed down.

My main passion in life is the SCA. I have been a member for almost 20 years and I love it just as much now as I did when I first discovered it. What is the SCA? The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our “Known World” consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.

No, it’s not a Ren Faire, those are more geared towards flights of fancy than real historical research. In short, the SCA are for historical geeks, of which I am one proudly. My particular interests in the SCA are sewing, weaving, fencing, brewing as well as designing and illuminating scrolls for awards. I may dabble in other areas for awhile but those five are my main interests. Mostly because of time, space and finances, if all of those were infinite, you’d probably never hear from me again…which I suppose could be a plus or a minus.

I initially started this blog as a record of my wanderings through the world of cosmetics. I’d never given it much thought before and as I grow older, I am starting to enjoy it more and more but really had no clue on what was available, how to use it and what worked best for me. That all changed once a friend introduced me to a make up forum. It’s been like a wonderful rabbit hole, taking me on some wonderful discoveries; not only about myself but about the world of cosmetics and the technology available today. This may very well end up primarily being for cosmetic reviews but I can also see it evolving to include other aspects of my life very easily.

This is my little electronic home where I will share my ideas, adventures, opinions and musing. Comment, or not. Share, or not but if you do, I look forward to what it is you have to say. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.



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