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Christmas Tree is up!

We decided to go with the artificial tree this year since we already had it and funds are a bit thin.  Next year though, we get a real one!

We waited until the housemate had his son visiting and then we decorated it. So much fun!

Even Sweet Pea approves! It’s his new napping spot. 😀

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Thanksgiving and Sweet Pea

Thanksgiving was so much fun here. We had our friend, Becca, over and it was just a weekend full of laughter. There are so many things to talk about but for now, I want to narrow it down to just Sweet Pea.

Man, he was ON for Thanksgiving. Not that I could blame him, from the moment I started cooking, the house just smelled fantastic. Sweet Pea is very seldom heard from, content to lay in an empty human bed and asleep. He is an old man after all, that and food time is all he is really interested in these days.

However, as soon as the turkey started emitting it’s wonderful aroma, he was in the kitchen, keeping tabs on everything. Once the timer went off, Sweet Pea ran over to let me know.  He was being so persistent, I managed to get an action shot.

Then came the carving of the turkey.

Sweet Pea

He never moved from the spot until we finally succumbed to the silent pleading and gave him a couple of pieces. Once that was done, he was content and off he went for his long overdue nap

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Kitty Tuesday – Evie and SweetPea

These two, I swear, I am not even sure what to think.

With Sweet Pea getting up there in age, I am concerned with how Evie will cope but in the meantime, I cherish the moments when I find them lost in a nap together.

Evie and Sweet Pea


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Sweet Pea Loves Windows

The new house has a TON of windows!  I went around and counted. We have 22 floor to ceiling windows!  ALL THE LIGHT!

Of course, of those 22, only 7 open. How odd but hey, I’ll take it! Our last place only had 6 and they were the standard windows so this is very much an upgrade.

Sweet Pea has taken to sitting at one of the windows in the morning light and just staring out.  I finally caught him in one of his reflective moments. This was taken right before the cat tree was put in but he still finds a window sill for his daily sunbathing.

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When Dogs and Cat Meet – An Adventure!

Last weekend, Kress and I dog sat for a friend of ours. He was going to be out of town for a few days and intended on putting Sadie in the backyard and have the neighbor come over and feed her twice a day. All in all, not a bad plan except this is Texas, in the middle of August when it is not only OMG hot but also fairly humid.

I was not having any of that. Sadie would just come home with me for the weekend.

Kress was on board with it but there was some concern regarding the cats. Not so much Sweet Pea, Evie or Sasha; they have lived with dogs before. Vincent and Layla, however, have only ever lived with one dog. That was Maggie, who was 17 years old and was mostly interested in sleeping. I was pretty sure Sadie with her big heart, happy tail and boundless energy was going to over….poorly.



Look at that face!  How can you just not want to just rub and snuggle with her! She is just such a sweet dog. She absolutely adores Kress and I. When we go to visit with our friend, Sadie is always ready to greet us and oh so welcoming. Bringing her into the house, we steeled ourselves for some massive amount of drama. When we walked in the door with her, Sweet Pea, Sasha and Evie just jumped off the couch and went into the bedroom to nap. Vincent was waiting by the front door as he usually does when he hears our car pull up.

When he laid eyes on Sadie, he backed up a few feet and then got all poofy and growly. But that was it, once he made his opinion known on the whole Sadie visit, things got pretty calm.

And then….

Layla Sadie


The face I will never forget. The moment Layla laid eyes on Sadie. You could fell the words “Oh helll naw!  What is this f%$ing thing doing here?!” Let me tell you, Layla’s little bed perch here, is right by my side of the bed. I was convinced I was going to wake up dead. CONVINCED!


However, it seems all my worries were for nothing. While Sadie was obviously interested and curious about the kitties, she pretty much left them alone. Vincent was the first to really accept her close to him, so much so that Sadie got to have a few good sniffs before Vincent said enough and walked away.

The night that Sadie left, I went to go check in on Layla, just to see how she was coping.

Layla Sadie Gone

Ahhh, all is right with the world again.

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I’m back!

So I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life last week so I decided to take the week off. There has been lots of things going on with work, the engagement, just life in general so I needed some down time.

But I am back!

I’m always showing pictures of Vincent, mostly because he is the one who is out and about most often. Every once in awhile, I will catch Sweet Pea not napping. This one was just too cute. He looks so grumpy. 😀

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Disgruntled Kitty is disgruntled

Kress and I had all the laundry on the bed so we could sort and fold it. Since the bed is Sweet Pea’s preferred napping spot, he was not happy when we moved him off the bed. So he decided to settle into the basket at the foot of the bed and meow the most pathetic meow until we were done.

His life, it is so hard.

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